Who wants to Retire? Not me!

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Who wants to retire? Not not me!If you don’t want to think about retiring from your Business or career, I don’t blame you. There may be several of reasons why you would like to die at your desk with your boots on.

You may have known colleagues or heard about others who retired from their business or career and after few months they became bored and depressed.

You may also not want to think about retirement due to lack of psychological planning available to you.

You may also have heard some retirees say that retirement is a great disappointment, and others say retirement is a great annoyance but still others who say that much to their delight- retirement has become an opportunity to live life like never before

Or maybe running your business as an owner or engrossing yourself in your career is such a release and gives you a sense of calm. Because in your business or career, it may be just you and your competitors and out smarting your competition fills you with and indescribable joy and glory and pride.

You may also not want to retire because there are no books on the emotional and psychological planning for retirement and you are scared of the emotional strain and the disappointment you might feel when you exit the business or career.

But maybe you also know and feel that there are other things you could do if you did not have the responsibility of running your business or the constraints your career puts on your time.

For example, you may want to spend more time with your family, go on cruise, see more of the world etc.

So now you are even more confused and cannot separate facts from fiction and you are frustrated that you don’t know where to go for help to gain clarity when you are at this stage of your life or career.

The good news is that, now there is a new methodology to help you get ready emotionally and psychologically before you retire, a company that can help you gain clarity and peace of mind, explore ten areas of your life and create an exciting plan for your new life when you retire from your business or career.

Transition Planning UK, is a one stop shop for all your non-financial retirement needs. They educate people about the emotional and psychological preparation that an individual has to make before they transition from working full-time into retirement.

By attending their Living with Purpose workshop, you will gain clarity and peace of mind; identify your career losses and find new ones to replace them,

explore ten areas of your life and create an exciting plan for your new life, you will avoid the emotional strain and the disappointment and depression that many retirees have felt, so you will enter into an exciting new life and live life like never before.

As Jack Beauregard, author of several books on the matter points out, “the old model known as retirement is inappropriate for baby Boomers.

Because of our unique history and accomplishments, Baby Boomers in their 50s and 60s are getting ready to move into a new stage of active life, that can go on for another 10, 20 or 30 years”.

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AUTHOR - Simon K Aidoo

Simon K Aidoo former Roman Catholic priest with several years of experience in guiding people through different complex life transitions. Simon is also know as UK's best transition planning consultants, has great experience in retirement transition planning, divorce transition planning, life transitions coaching, coping with relationship breakup, organisational transition consultancy and more.

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