"When Simon and I met in London at a business network I was curious about transition because of a presentation he gave, my issues were about the relationship I had with my family and past partners, he help me recognize those emotions and clear my mind on the priorities, improve my relation with my family and let go of negative emotions of the past.

Working with Simon was fun, easy, he was very accessible online and on phone, he is reliable and he really goes out of his way to help.

Working with him got me engage after six months; I recommend his professional consulting service-Karen Alexandre (Entrepreneur)"

Alexander K Consulting, Balaclava

"Coaching has helped me move closer towards achieving my goals. The sessions helped me to stay focused on my overall goal and enabled me to keep taking small steps towards achieving it.Simon was very encouraging and supportive whilst also being firm and challenging when I needed. He helped me consider new ways of approaching my actions and ways to reward myself and celebrate my successes, aiding my motivation.

I found Simon to be very professional in his approach and this felt very reassuring for me, as I felt able to trust and depend on him. Simon was very patient, non-judgemental and flexible. Thank you Simon."

Shenade Wiltshire-London

"I was coached by Simon over a two month period on matters relating to career, goal setting, time management and influencing. I felt at ease with his personal style which was both supportive and challenging. Simon asked thought provoking questions which helped raise my self-awareness in a number of important life areas.The sessions helped me to clarify my thoughts in a way that wasn’t possible before and enabled me to set clear achievable goals with realistic actions attached."

Bernie Fay-London

"What was admirable about Simon was his ability from the outset, to create rapport with me. He was very professional, specific an empathic. He was always on time and very well prepared, bringing an upbeat and positive attitude to each session. I felt very motivated by his approach which encouraged me to carry out my actions as set down each time.
I looked forward to each session as working with him was a most enjoyable, satisfactory and worthwhile experience. His coaching had great impact on me, as with his help and guidance I have now achieved a major first step goal, in moving forward towards my overall goal.

I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for coaching, as he places a high value on his work ethics, which is very empowering for the person being coached."

Teresa Anderson, Uxbridge

"Working hard during the day and spending so much time on the computer after work was costing me my health and affecting my job performance. Thanks to Simon for offering me coaching sessions to deal with this issue. In the beginning, I was kind of embarrassed to admit my weakness to him, but he was very professional, did not criticize nor passed judgement nor did he tell me to follow rule number 1 or 2. Instead, he listened, asked questions to identify what I really wanted, guided me to develop an action plan. I get to play on the computer and still have enough time to do other things which hitherto were left undone due to the amount of time I was spending surfing the internet.

I am happier now because Simon’s coaching has put me back in control of my life.

Thanks for coaching me."

Susan Wen; New York, USA

"I was facing a very tough and challenging examination. It was a must pass exams so I engaged Simon as my coach. I was very nervous as I had just three months to prepare and had four giant books and tons of information to absorb. Although, my employer had sent me away for boot camp training I was still not confident that I would succeed.

Simon worked with me to identify the things I needed to know about the exams, guided me to develop a schedule for my study time and material so that I was able to finish studying the materials and still had time to review them. The test was not easy, but I was well prepared for it. As a result of Simon’s coaching, I passed the examination.

Thanks Simon for being my coach."

Susan Wen; New York, USA

"Being coached by Simon has been an eye-opening and rewarding experience. Simon has a talent in focusing the attention on the right aspects of the goal that makes you want to take action.I always felt motivated and full of new ideas after our sessions, and I have developed both as a person and as a coach.Simon is an excellent coach with a well-rounded understanding of the principles of effective coaching."

Sasha Wallace (UK)

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