Managing Organizational Transition (MOT)


his program was developed by Linkage to help organizations succeed in their change programs. Managing organizational transitions is about helping employees deal with the emotional and psychological impact of change on them. It helps organizations increase their productivity and satisfaction during periods of change while accelerating the overall results during the transition period.
Managing organizational transitions workshop is designed for leaders and managers at all levels, from line supervisors to senior executives. The focus of this work is on your role as leaders in the change and transition process. It provides a framework and tools for supervisors, managers, directors, and executives who are responsible for leading people through organizational changes, and making those changes work

1. Create and implement effective transition strategies.
2. Understand the critical elements for driving successful change
3. Develop coaching skills to create a change- ready culture throughout your organization
4. Coach others through difficult change initiatives
5. Decrease the negative effect of change on individuals and groups.

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