How to Manage Uncertainty through Life Transitions

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Nothing in life is permanent, except for the possibility of change. These transitions are as natural as the changing of seasons.

Major life transitions can either be an exciting and invigorating part of your life, or these can weigh you down and make life difficult.

But no matter how upbeat you’re about them, life’s transitions can be stressful. From changing jobs to getting married and dealing with huge financial decisions such as buying a house; no matter what your circumstances may be, navigating transitions can be difficult because we simply don’t know how to deal with these new and novel situations that demand us to respond in unique ways.

Here at Transition Planning UK, our life coaches have helped hundreds of individuals survive uncertain times. Here is some of the best advice from them.


Hit the Ground Running

We are all creatures of habit, and when our routines get disrupted, it inevitably results in confusion and frustration.

Once the momentum is lost, it can drive a person insane. If your timetable is disrupted, it is important to create a new one and get right back on track, getting your life in order and giving yourself a semblance of control no matter how difficult the situation may be. Make a plan, no matter how uncertain the situation may be, and get moving!


Have Realistic Expectations from Self

Blog12There are going to be good days and bad days during your transition.

Don’t beat yourself up unnecessarily if on one day you can’t manage to get out of the bed, and then have uncontrollable bouts of energy the next day. Don’t take on pressure and stress; you already have plenty of external factors already doing that for you. Instead focus on moving ahead and being more patient and positive the next day and onwards. Transition is a unique time and hopefully it will help you in a newer, better reality. Just hang in there!


Get the Support You Need

It can be downright impossible to do it all on your own. Find friends, family, counsellors and support groups who understand the situation you are in and appreciate your efforts to make it better. Lean on them for advice and support in time of need. Their guidance can help you keep a productive perspective.


A New Journey Awaits: Give Us A Call!

As one of the leading transition planning services online, we work with individuals and businesses to help them deal more positively with the uncertainty and inevitability of change. Visit us today to learn more!

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