Living with purpose workshop

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The living with purpose workshop is a non-financial retirement planning. Most retirement plans don’t cover two key elements that are crucial for a happy, healthy and successful retirement. Most retirement plans focus on how much money people should have and where they will live when they retire etc.  However, research has shown that neither net worth nor location is critical to happiness in retirement.

Crucial to a healthy, happy and successful retirement are attitude, resolve, emotional and psychological maturity or readiness. In other words, people can enjoy a great retirement without a net worth of a million pounds or a retirement home in an exotic location.

 When you retire you are not only waving goodbye to your job but you be waving goodbye to a large part of your social network. Thinking and planning ahead makes sense even if you are fortunate enough to face these changes with confidence. You have to face finding a new identity, and replacing the connections. It’s worth noting that it’s not just what retirement will bring that needs to be considered. There may be things to lose that make the prospect of leaving difficult. This is why the Living with purpose was created to educate over 50s about the importance of building their emotional and psychological portfolio before retiring their careers or business.

Your emotional and Psychological portfolio are just as important as your financial portfolio:

You have built your financial portfolio

but have you built your emotional and psychological portfolio too?

If you’ve answered NO then here are some quotes for your reflection and consideration:

  1. “The biggest mistake people make is not realizing there is a psychological component to retirement.” (USA Today)
  2. “While there is lots of talk about financial portfolios when it comes to retirement, you also have to be concerned about your psychological portfolio.’” (AARP Internet Newsletter)
  3. “You need to plan your psychological portfolio. Otherwise you can be thrown for a loop when you retire.” (Consumer Reports 50 Steps to a Richer Retirement)
  4. Everyone says you’ve got to get ready financially, No, No, you’ve got to get ready psychologically (Lee Iacocca)
  5. “With all the focus put on the financial side of planning for retirement, have you also considered the emotional side to what retirement might mean for you? Preparing yourself emotionally should be an equally important component to your planning.”

(Financial Planning Association, It’s Not All About the Numbers -The Emotional Side of Planning for Your Retirement)

  1. “You plan everything in life, and then the roof caves in on you because you have not done enough thinking about who you are and what you should do with the rest of your life” (Lee Iacocca, retired CEO of Chrysler)
  2. Retirement Planning is not just about how much money you need, but also about how you will fill your time with worthwhile activities (Business Week Magazine)


By attending the “Living with Purpose Workshop” will be able:

  • to identify your career losses; find new ones to replace them;
  • disengage from your work identity and begin the process of redefining yourself beyond your career without vocational labels;
  • step by step guide to bring a closure to your old life;
  • gain clarity and peace of mind; 10 Aslpect od Life
  • explore ten (10) areas of your life and create an exciting plan for your new life;
  • begin the process of transitioning from “workaholic” to “leisureholic”
  • you will avoid the emotional strain and the disappointment and depression; retirement remorse and retirement rut that many retirees have felt,
  • so you will enter into an exciting new life and live life like never before.
  • Negative Retirement Experiences:
  • Many people’s experience of retirement can be ‘like walking off a cliff, especially if they make no emotional and psychological preparations or if they only focus on how much money they have to save and where they would live when they retire from their jobs or career. After an active working life, some people may find the extreme contrast with the life they now live to be violent and painful. This experience would be better if people made some preparations such as attending “Living with Purpose Workshop or Living with Purpose Coaching”.
    Loss of identity can make a person feel lost at sea, irrelevant, confused, frustrated and even become depressed.

7 Strategic Steps™  

The workshop is designed around 7 Strategic Steps, based on 7 principles and a new multi-valued logic system, as well as the latest discoveries from psychology and neuroscience. These steps provide Baby Boomers with a comprehensive, systematic, step-by-step methodology for exploring and choosing your future lifestyle options. The 7 Strategic Steps help you create a detailed, step-by-step plan for how you will implement each of your lifestyle decisions in the major aspects of your life.

7 Strategic Steps to Creating Your Successful Personal Transition

This 12 -hour modular workshop series empowers you to:

  1. Transform retirement into the Platinum Years
  2. Find things you enjoy doing so you won’t feel bored and irrelevant
  3. Articulate things that you never thought of before
  4. Create a vision for your life that pulls you into it
  5. Create a specific plan for a happy future life
  6. Be proactive to avoid a reactive retirement
  7. Know what you want, and what you need to do to make it happen
  • Small group format
  • Online assessment and workbook
  • Led by a facilitator from the Successful Transition Planning Institute
  • Note: This event is ideal for associations, trade groups or universities
  • Workshop dates:
  • Location: London (actual location to be confirmed near the date.

Download Workshop Outline (form)


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