Who wants to Retire? Not me!

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Who wants to retire? Not not me!If you don’t want to think about retiring from your Business or career, I don’t blame you. There may be several of reasons why you would like to die at your desk with your boots on. You may have known...

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Newsletter-April 2017

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TRANSITION PLANNING: KEY TO A SUCCESSFUL AND HAPPY RETIREMENT: Are you asking yourself why you should start planning your transition from working full-time into Retirement? Would you build a new house without a blueprint? If No, then why would you not want to create a plan for...

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Good can come out of evil In 1984 I was a fourth year student at St James Minor Seminary. On one mid-morning, I was summoned to the Rector’s Office. When I arrived, there were other staff members there. I was offered a seat to sit down...

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Ensuring Business Productivity through Transition

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Ensuring productivity in times of organizational transition can be very challenging for most organisations partly because transition impacts negatively on the performance of employees. And also because most leaders confuse “transition” with “change”-assuming that transition just means gradual, extended, or unfinished change (William Bridges). Transition...

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The Importance of Living Consciously

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Have you ever had that strange feeling of purposelessness? Are you wandering through life without knowing your purpose or any acknowledgement of what your future will be like? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any or all of those questions, you aren’t alone. There is no doubt...

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Newsletter-February 2017

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For five years, he deceived his family that he was still working at his job  A gentleman I met at the Kotoka International Airport, Accra, Ghana in January 2014, told me the following story about his former work colleague. He said that in his old job, he...

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NewsLetter-January 2017

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My Story On 26th June 1979 my maternal grandfather was kidnapped on his way to evening church service and murdered in a cold blood. Up till now, we have not been able to establish the motive for his killing. A year before his death, he had...

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