Path to a smooth transition to a dynamic, meaningful, purposeful and Satisfying post-career Life!

What’s Next Workshop for Business Owners, Executives and Professionals.
This workshop will help you get ready emotionally and psychologically for the next stage of your life (Retirement). It is based on more than 15 years of helping business owner, executives and professionals transition to a dynamic and purposeful new life.

The two days program will empower you to:

Day One:

  • Redefine retirement/ Reframe retirement
  • Highlight the core issues and challenges in retirement
  • Identify the positives
  • Explore your future: (i) Mining your desires (ii) Mining your abilities
  • Create New Identity befitting your new status or expand on the existing one to embrace your new life.

Day Two:

  • Coping strategies:
  • Develop new social contract
  • Explore 10 areas of your life.
  • Create and envision the future you cannot wait to go to

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