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Transition Planning UK Ltd (TPUK) was founded in 2014 by Simon Aidoo- a coach and consultant who is also a former Roman Catholic priest with several years of experience in guiding people through different complex life-changing events.


Throughout my life I have experienced a series of major transitions as most people do, but one that really changed the direction of my life happened when I was 16 years old. My grandfather was kidnapped and murdered on his way to an evening Church service. When I saw my granddad’s body lying on the roadside, I became numbed, speechless, and time stopped for me. Following this tragic event, my life was turned upside down. I experienced the most brutal emotional and psychological turmoil you can imagine. Thinking and believing that I was ill, I sought medical help just as any sensible person would do. Doctors foisted different medications and treatments on me but I had no improvement. I also suffered from a disease called “go-away-closer”. There were times I was starving for contact but I would avoid it like poison when it was offered. I longed for human connections but sabotaged any chance for it to happen. I erected barriers to keep others from getting too near, too intimate, too involved- yet I was unhappy and restless in isolation. I felt lonely in the midst of a crowd and experienced a bitter cold within me even though I would be boiling hot and sweating. I felt like nobody cared or understood my suffering and pain.

I became frustrated and confused for a number of reasons:

  1. I felt as if I was fighting an enemy I could not see nor know.
  2. I simply couldn’t find the words to describe whatever it was that was taking place in his life.
  3. I was unable to find words that could help me make sense of what I was going through to myself or to others.
  4. I was bleeding to death but had no physical injuries.
  5. I lost the zest for life and felt my world was falling apart.
  6. My world fell apart but no one could see it.
  7. I suffered emotional melt down and had suicidal thoughts and contemplated taking my own life because at certain moments I felt that death was better than a miserable life.

I managed to pull through this painful and confusing moment with the help of my Christian faith and knowledge of the Bible. One particular verse that became my anchor is “ and we know that all things work together for good for those who love God” (Romans 8:28)

While going through this emotional and psychological pain, he made a promise to God that if he saved his life and enabled him to overcome the emotional and psychological turmoil, he would research into the underlying causes of this pain and frustration, develop strategies to help others in similar situation to cope with their pain and confusion.

My research led me to the work of a man called William Bridges who in the 1970s had experienced similar emotional turmoil after retiring from his job as Collage teacher of American literature. His work gave me the break through I needed because it gave me the name of the enemy I had been fighting for over 25 years and following the strategies outlined in his work, I eventually overcame my emotional turmoil and the mental issues vanished. This enemy that has caused many people to take their own lives is called “transition”- the shadow of change. Using my experience, knowledge and training, I developed a workshop; “How to manage life Transitions” to teach others the strategies for navigating the tortuous terrain of transition.


If you’ve been touched or affected by my story, there is hope for you. Get in touch and do not stay silent for if you do it may kill you.

Our mission Statement

Our Mission and Vision.

Our mission to honour God, to promote good mental health and mental well-being for all and to create wealth through coaching and training.

Our vision is to eradicate suicide caused by life changing events from our communities and societies as a whole.


So who are we?

We are a Coaching, Consulting and Training Business. We specialize in Transitions helping individuals and organizations handle the personal/human side of change.

We also educate people about the non-financial aspects of retirement.


Our Core Belief:

  1. We belief that, “ people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6a).

We strongly believe that every death by suicide caused by the painful impact of a life-changing event can be avoided if people acquire the knowledge and skills we teach in our workshops.

  1. We also believe that people should be quipped with the skills of how to manage change in their lives.
  2. We believe that we have the skills and the tools to help and make a difference to people’s lives.


Our Portfolio:

Transition Planning UK (TPUK) has a proven track record of helping individuals navigate complex life changing events e.g. divorce or separation; redundancy; sudden success; bereavement; retirement; re-location; etc.

Our Western culture notes, Dwight H, Judy, is so externally focused that it is very difficult to find conversation partners when we are wrestling with major changes. It is even more difficult to find places of support and safety to discuss those inward transformations that may be pushing through to our awareness.


We offer our clients a safe space for them to be who they are, be their conversation partners and offer a place of support and safety for them to discuss those inward transformations that may be pushing through to their awareness. The safe space we provide is a relationship of unconditional positive regard. We help our clients to understand the emotional and the psychological turmoil they are going through, its cause and purpose for their life while they develop the skills to navigate the tortuous terrain of transition. The unique strategies that we teach would help you get through the difficult, painful and confusing times in your life so that you are able to move forward to embrace the New Life that is waiting for you and live the rest of your life to the fullest. So, whether you’re feeling alone, drowning under an ocean of emotions because your life has been turned upside down and everything feels like it is beyond your control, we have the knowledge, skills and the strategies to help you. Our strategies have helped people like you get through their loss, grief, mental health and suicidal thoughts. You too can get through yours with our unique services.



Our Services:

We provide a range of services to help meet the needs of different clientele:


  1. Private Coaching: Coaching life Transitions.

The Coaching transition sessions are to assist those who feel that a workshop is not enough or that it is not the right approach for them.


  1. Workshops:
  2. a) How to Manage Personal Life Changes (Transitions).

This is to teach people about the shadow of change (transition) that is the source of our troubles.

Provide them with the skills and tools to manage their personal life changing situations.

To help people detox their mind of the impact of life changing events.



  1. b) Living with purpose

This is to educate people on the non-financial aspects of retirement planning and to help the over 50s to help develop their emotional and psychological portfolio for their post career life.

To successfully let go of their old life and create an exciting plan for their New life.


  1. Webinars:

We run webinars as part of our educational programmes to equip them with the knowledge they need so as to empower them to take control of the issues affecting their mental health.

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About the Founder:

Simon Aidoo, a former Roman Catholic priest, is a certified Transition Planning consultant (CTPC) from the Successful Transition Planning Institute, Boston, USA; Certified Leading Organizational Transition Consultant from Linkage, USA. He also holds MA Education, Institute of Education, London, UK; Licentiate in Biblical Studies from Pontifical Biblical Institute (Biblicum), Rome, Italy; BA Sociology & The Study of Religions, Legon, University of Ghana.
He has been through both life and work transitions and can therefore empathize with your situation.


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